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Do you feel too conscious about your looks? Or do you feel that you are not presenting yourself the way you want to? If these are your concerns then you don't need to worry. Always remember beauty comes from within and you look beautiful only when you are happy from within, so be happy from within and stay hydrated because we don't want those wrinkles! Of course, you need to have a good presentable outer appearance so that you feel confident about yourself and mark your presence. Ebony & Jade comes up with image consulting services as well apart from salon services.

Being the best image consultancy service provider in Dehradun, Ebony & Jade understands that Image consultancy is a professional field where the artist has to improve the image of clients through appearance, behavior, and communication. You can also say that it is a journey from self-doubt to self-love.

Ebony & Jade is the best image consultant salon in Dehradun. Right from your dressing to etiquettes, we groom you in all aspects by studying your personality we will recommend the type of attire you should go with so that you feel confident about yourself. Image consulting is very essential especially if you are into corporates. Our team at Ebony & Jade are highly trained and been in the industry for a long time with many years of experience. Along with improving your dressing sense we will be also training you on how to present yourself, body language, how to communicate. In short, we will be branding you from head to toe.

Ebony & Jade, the best image consultant in Dehradun has a main goal to make all the clients feel good about themselves and to evaluate, improve, enhance, update or upgrade their appearance to ensure that their image is very consistent with their personal, social, professional goals with what they want to accomplish in life. Therefore, Ebony & Jade is the only place that provides the best image consultancy services in Dehradun.

Our image consultants are experts in marketing & fashion and just by looking at the clients; they understand what else is needed to add to their personality. So, our clients look up to their best!

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